5 Things You Should Know in your 20s – Ishan

If you are just in your 20s and thinking what are the Things i Should Know in 20s so that you can improve in your life then you are in the right place as in this article I am going to share with you 5 Things You Should Know in your 20s

So Without Taking Any More Time Let’s Start It:

Time never returns

Since we born we saw that our parents working very hard so that we may not with empty stomach and they admit to the best school or colleage which they can affort so that we will get the best education and can find a perfect job.

But because of this they themselve forget to live their own life as money is important but time is more important then money.

And it is not their problem they get so busy in their life that forget that they have limited amount and unfortunately because they dont realize the importance of time they never teach us how to utilize it so we have to learn it our selve.

you can utilize your time by doing what you are about doing what you love and from this we reach to our next topic.

Money is important but Experience is more important.

When you will get old you will not recognize how much money you have earned in 2022 but at the same year you have went to trip to Darjeling or Shimla with your friends and family you will never forget that moment.

This shows us that money is important but money is more important because our the only things which makes our life that makes us happy.

At your old age you will think about this things and will share your stories with childrens and grandchilds how amazing you used to spend your life.

Getting out of the rat race is important

Robert Kiyosaki told in his book that 99 % people in the world is in rat race do what others people are doing they will do the same as for example India produce the largest quantity of Doctors and Engineers in the world.

Yes in quantity not in quality the real doctors and engineers are very few in india because here people educate their children so that they will became good doctors and engineers and will able to earn good amount of money.

But it is not true, we have to realize doing the same thing which ordinary people are doing so we have to break our comfort zone and have to do something different.

Like I started producing content in my social media profile and also producing content for my website.

you also need to do something to gate out of rat race and have to prove what you can achieve and who you really are.

Power of Investing

If you will ask any investor when I should investing they will say start as soon as possible and most of the investors says that they regret that they didnt started investing at their 20s.

And the best to invest is stock market.

So you have to learn this lesson from them and start investing as soon as possible no matter how much you started investing what matter is when you started it.

As you will see the power of compounding when you start investing earlier.

Now the question cames in our where should we invest as we dont have time to select the good stock and dont have time to manage them here comes the index fund.

Every Country has a list of their top performing companies so and list always get updated and if you will invest over here for long term at least for 10 years then you will get 10 to 15 % return which is far better than FD which gives you only 4 to 5 % return.

Underestimating the knowledge of the book

It is also one the thing which we learn late in our life our school and society unintentionally teaches us that the books are only meant to teach us how to get job and earn money.

But this is only little portion of its real purpose, the real purpose of book help us to increase our knowealege to improve us in our life, so never left reading and learning after your formal education.

After your formal education read self help books to improve in all sector of your life and I will say why even wating for completing formal education.

Read self help books it can be of anything Spritual book, Financial Book, Communication Skill book so that you can grow more then ordinary people and achieve something great in your life.

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