Rank Your Business On Google Map Pack

If you are finding for an article which can help you to grow your local business on google map pack with the help of local SEO then you are in the right place.

I am going to share with 9 steps to grow your local business with our own company’s experience.

But before diving into the steps first let’s discuss a little bit about local SEO if you know what is local SEO and how it works then you can escape this section without any hesitation.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a part of organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), It helps a business to show in higher ranking results on the Google search results in a particular area where the business is situated.

Example: If you searching for a dentist nearby you then you will probably type dentist near me on the Google search box.

Therefore You are able to find the nearest dentist chamber nearby you on the Google search result, this is possible because of Local SEO.

This means that if the business owners will put their effort and money on local SEO then their business will rank on the Google Search result and end up getting more sells and leads.

— Benefits of Local SEO

If you want to know the benefits of local SEO, then let you know that there are many benefits of local SEO but I am going to share with the main benefits of local SEO.
— Getting Free Traffic From Search Engines
You have a higher chance to get ranked on the first page if you do Local SEO properly and guess what you will end up as getting a lot of traffic daily.

— Getting More Leads From Online

It is obvious that if you will get a lot of traffic then some people will convert as your customers as they are searching for products and service which you provide and probably you will get some leads from there.

— Local Brand Awareness
If your business page will rank on the first page then the people who will visit your website will think if google is suggesting this then this would be the best of its niche and they will suggest you to others.

And this is how your brand awareness will start creating automatically.

— More Repeat Customers

It is sure that if the customers who will land on your website will see that your product and service are worth it then they will come back to you again.

— Easy Interaction with Customers

If someone will try to contact you from your contact number or by using the chat box if they have any questions which will help you to build your brand reputation

— People Can Find You Easily

If you will do local SEO properly then people can find you easily and thanks to google, it provides google map of your brick and mortar store through which your customers can easily come to your store.

Which is good for your business.

Now discuss almost all the basic needs of local SEO now lets now dive into the topic.

What is Google Pack?

Google pack is a pack where three best local businesses are featured on the first page of Google along with their name, physical location, a direction in the map, how far is the business(in KM), direct call option, reviews, opening, and closing time of the business.

If you ranked your business in the Google pack that means you already done your job and you will start getting traffic and sales very soon.

But how can you do that? let first have a look at that.

— Local SEO Google Ranking Factors

If you even now thinking that how can you rank your local business on google first page then read carefully,

As I am going to share with you the main ranking factors which we tested ourselves to rank our company’s business on Google packs in 30 days.

— Prove That Your Business Is Legit

This is one of the main factors for ranking local business on Google pack because google only wants to show legit business to the search result.

There are many ways to show Google that your business is legit but the best we do that is presenting your business as a brand.

And I am not saying this Marketing expert ” Neil Patel” is saying this.

— Having A Business Website

It is crucial to have a business website as if you do not have a website how can you rank on the first page or where you going to drive all the traffic so it is the first step.

So you can make a website yourself or let us make a professional website for your brand.

— Consistency Everywhere

One of the ranking factors of Google and other Search Engine is maintaining consistency on the internet like on social media, citation, and even on your website.

As you information about you and your business consistent in all the places this your business seems legit in google eyes and also for humans.

— User Experience

One thing you have to always keep in mind that provide a good user experience to your customers as if you will not provide them with good experience then you will lose your reputation in this digital world.

And then no one will come to you to buy your product or get your services.

Now let’s discuss the nine steps to rank your website on google pack listing

If you learned the above sections so now you have a basic understanding of local SEO and ranking factors.

I don’t give the guarantee that if you will the following steps then you will to the first page very soon as there are many things which matter here like competition, niche, guidelines and etc.

But if you will follow these steps properly you will be going to rank on the first page eventually you have to be patient it may take some time of yours.

1) Add a business to Google

The first step is to claiming your business on Google My Business(GMB) listing from where the local SEO begins and they are many benefits of GMB on local SEO.

I am not going how to claim your business on GMB listing step by step but you can go for the GMB article on HubSpot’s where they discuss this topic thoroughly.

You have to claim your business asap as sometimes google automatically put your business in listing if you have a brick and mortar store and anyone can claim that and harm your business reputation.

2) Add your business to Bing

After adding your business to google listing now its time to add it to Bing listing as bing is one of the largest search engines after Google.

there are many benefits of adding your business on bing but the main reason you have to at it on bing because if google will analyze that your business in bing listing then it will consider your business as legit.

And then Google will give your business a great boost on ranking.

– NAP ( Name, Address, and Phone Number).

NAP is the acronym Name, Address, and Phone number and this is a very important factor for local businesses.

Because of these factors, people and google will trust in your business.


Any business in this world has a business name which is very crucial because it shows the identity of a business and makes it unique and spread it from the crowd.

And it creates a great impact on google search engine ranking


If you have a brick and mortar store then it is good to add the address on your website as it shows your authenticity and builds trustworthiness so that it really impact on your ranking.

But it is on you if you want to put it on your Google listing or not.

Phone Number

It is very helpful for your customers if you have a local business as they can contact you by using the phone number you provided to them in the google or bing listing.

And this also really effective to your ranking in a long run.

3) Focus Keywords

As I told you that if you have a unique brand name even if it represents your business nature or not you can get a higher ranking on search Engine.

But you need to know three things for this,

— On-Site SEO
— Better User Experience
— Keyword Optimization

These three things are really important for google ranking but I am only going to cover keyword Optimization as already told you about the user experience and On-site SEO I mentioned it thoroughly in the below section.

So for keywords optimization, you need to search the main keywords which highly represent the nature of your business category.

Example: if you have a mobile industry company then you should search for smartphones, android smartphones and etc.

You can do this research on Ubersuggest by Neil Patel an SEO expert which is totally free here you can see which keyword is getting more engagement what is the competition in it and many more.

Now you researched your keywords now you need to implement that on your blog posts in such a way that your audience will don’t understand that you have blended some stuff for ranking.

Keep it natural by keeping the user experience in your mind

4) Business listing on directories

This may take the time of yours in this step you need to search the well-reputed directories of your country regarding your business niche as every country has different directories.

And then you need to list your business on them but you have to be consistent on every directory by providing the right details of NAP otherwise the Google and search engines will get confused.

5) Social media accounts

This is not the direct ranking factor but social media can really help you to boost your google pack ranking as google keeps its eye everywhere.

So how can you use social media as a ranking factor ? by simply making an account on them and providing there the information of NAP as Google and Bing listing.

This simple trick will make your business legit on google’s eye and even in the eyes of your targeted customers.

6) Consistent SEO optimization

So till now, we speak about almost all the ranking factors of Google pack but in this section, I am going to tell you about the most important factor of ranking which is SEO.

Here you will learn about On-Site SEO and Technical SEO which are the direct factors of ranking.

— On-Site SEO

The On-Site SEO or On-Page SEO is a method to rank your business on search engines by optimizing the important elements of your websites like titles, meta tags, contents, images, and the entire site structure.

If you will optimize your website properly with SEO then you will definitely rank fast on Google Pack if all the other things are fine.

— Technical SEO

It is a method of server and website optimization which helps the web spider to analyze the content of the website with the help of webmaster tools to show your content on search result to the real people.

7) Website linking everywhere

Many people will think that it is like backlinks but it is totally different from backlinks.

So you are thinking now what do I mean when I say website linking everywhere It means linking your website with your listings and social media profiles.

And it really helps your business to rank faster as this sends the search engine Google or Bing a strong signal about your brand.

8) Regular maintaining and tracking

Now as I taught you all the eight steps to rank on Google Map Pack In this step you just have to maintain your website, Google and Bing listing as well as all the other listing and social media profiles.

You have to promote your business on all the social media platforms and also have to interact with your customers on social media and on listings.

For tracking your website ranking you can use the google search console account which will help you see if any of your web pages are ranking if ranking then with what keyword it is ranking.

Whatever I covered here is just a piece of cake so if you want to know everything about this then check it out on our main website by just clicking on Rank Your Business in Local Google Map Pack [Success Story].

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