What is a Remove Element in JavaScript

It has a very easy way I think you will grasp it very quickly so if you want to remove an element the follow the steps below.

Suppose you want to remove a list item you can do that easily by making a variable of the li then using document. SelectorAll and typing li inside the brackets.

And after that, you can navigate any li you want like an array and attach it with remove to remove any list item.

Example: const lis = document.querySelectorAll(li);
lis[1].remove( );

You can also remove a li item or any element by using its parent element in this scenario it is ul obviously and has to give it a variable using const then here you have to use document.queryselector.

Now use that variable and attach it with remove child and inside the brackets of the remove child type the li variable inside and navigate it like an array to remove any list item.

const list = document.querySelector(ul)
list.removeChild(lis[ 2 ]);

Not only you can remove element you can also remove classes inside it by selecting a list item then you have to create a variable to access child inside it same as an array.

After that, you can attach that variable to and attach it with classlist and then again attach it with remove then putting the class you want to remove inside the brackets.

Example: firstli = document.queryselector(‘ li:first-child)
link = firstli.children[0]

Let val;

val = classlist.remove(‘ class which you want to remove ‘);


You can also add a class using this process you just have use add instead of remove.

Example: val = classlist.add(‘ class which you want to add’);

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