SEO Content: SEO for Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

If you want to know how you can use SEO to get organic traffic to your content without spending a single penny then keep reading.

In this article, I will share the ultimate guide that can help you easily write SEO content.

So without taking any more time let’s get started.

What is SEO Content?

SEO content is the content that you write online to rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo to get organic traffic. And to rank content you use certain keywords to rank higher.

For instance, for this content, we used SEO content as our keyword the more it appears in the content the more search engines will understand what this topic is about and will help readers to find it.

How to Write SEO Content?

Select a Topic

Before writing anything you have to select a topic that your audience is interested in. And here are 3 ways to find it out.

Reddit: Reddit is the best place to see what people are searching for and discussing and see what are the topics that are coming again and again. As those are the topics people are interested in.

Competitors Blogs: This is another way to find what to cover when selecting a topic see what your competitors are posting and the topics they are covering. What are the common things in them? And based on that create your content.

Personas: Knowing your audience or customer’s persona completes half of your work, if you know who your audience or customers are then you can easily find what they are searching for online.

Find a Keyword

Once you selected the topic that you want to write now it’s time to research for keywords.

Keywords are the terms used for the words or sentences your target audience is searching to find the content around your niche.

So how to do SEO keyword research?

Well here are some of the methods you can use to find keywords.

Use Google as a Keyword Research Tool: Google can be a really helpful tool to find awesome keywords.

You might have seen whenever you search something on Google it suggests you few more suggestions related to it.

Those are the long-tail keywords and these are topics people are currently searching for so if you use these terms in your post then there could be a high chance that your content might rank.

So just head over to Google type in your topic and see what suggestions you are getting as those can be the potential keywords that you can use to rank on Google.

Another way to use Google to find keywords is to Google’s searches related to features.

To do it you just need to search for your topic and go to the bottom of Google there you will see some suggested topics that are closely related to your main topic.

These related keywords are known as LSI keywords that people also want to know about.

Wikipedia: You may don’t know but Wikipedia can also help you with keyword research. And to it just head over to Wikipedia and type in your topic and obviously a whole story about that.

But you may see that there are some out-linked words and sentences that can be potential keywords. You must also see the topics covered in it as those can also be the keywords that can help you reach your audience.

Keyword Search Volume: Finding only the keywords is not enough you have to see if people are really searching for it or not. To do that you can use keyword research tools to see how many searches each keyword is getting.

Here are the two best keyword research tools that offer freemium versions that you can use as a beginner.

  • SEMrush
  • KWkeywords

Keyword Commercial Intent: Now suppose you find the best keywords to find the best keywords to get to your visitors but if your visitors are broke then you are not going to make money from it.

So you have to make sure that the keywords you have found apart from visitors also have good commercial intent higher the commercial intent there is greater potential you will good money from it.

To find the keyword commercial intent you can use Google Planner just type in your keyword it will show you its commercial intent.

This was the whole process of finding the keywords for your article.

Write Comprehensive Content

It is well known in SEO marketing that if you want to rank higher then you have to write comprehensive content.

The more you write the more you will be able to use more LSI keywords and the greater your chance will become to be discovered by your potential audience.

And whenever you search for something to learn you will see that all the posts that rank higher are long so it is recommended to write articles of at least 1000 words as it increases the chance of discoverability.

User Friendly Content

It plays a vital role in your SEO even if your content is optimized with On-Page SEO, Backlink, etc. if it is not optimized for users and they struggle to read it then your all work will go in vain.

As Google now sees apart from traditional ranking methods like backlinks how much time people spend time on your article when they come across it.

That’s why it is considered one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking on the search engine you need to make sure that your content conveys the message that your users can easily understand.

But the question arises how can you write user-friendly SEO-optimized content? here are some of the SEO Copywriting tips you can use to make it easy for your users.

Short Introduction: When someone clicks on your post the first thing they see is your title and introduction so keeping it in point is very crucial.

Keep it to the point and short and tell your readers what they will get by reading your post in the first two paragraphs and how it can benefit them.

Also, make sure to keep your paragraphs short maximum of three lines as the shorter your paragraph is the easier it is to read.

Use Multimedia Content: Using multimedia like (Video, Audio, Images, Infographics, Charts, Diagrams, etc.) can also help you grab your audience retention for a long time.

If someone prefers to listen to the audio version of your post or watch the video on your site then they will have the option to select any medium they want to consume your content.

In other words, they are spending more time in your post consuming content which will give Google a good sign that people are interested in your post, and it’s worth ranking higher which will increase your post’s ranking.

Using SubHeadings: Subheadings help the reader to consume content more easily. Dividing the whole article into multiple subheadings helps the reader what they will read next just by reading the subheadings.

On-Page Optimization

Keyword Optimization

To make your content rank higher on Google you have to optimize it with keywords here are some of the on-page SEO techniques that content writers use to rank higher on search engines.

Keyword Prominence: It simply means giving your main keyword priority by placing it within the first 100 words of the content. It will then signal Google gives priority to that keyword compared to others.

URL Optimization: Keeping the URL short and using the keyword as its URL is also a good practice as it will also help Google to understand what the content is about and will help you rank higher for that keyword.

LSI Keywords: Optimize your content with the closely related keywords and it works best for long-form content as the longer your article will be the more you can use LSI keywords.

External Links: It is proved that posts that have external links perform better than those that don’t have any links at all.

But what kind of links you should put in your article, it’s simple you can add resources and links that will help your audience better understand your content or somehow benefit from them.

Internal Links: You should also put at least two to five of your older posts that you want to rank higher on the search engine.

Link Building

Link building can drastically improve your search engine ranking, as it improves your site’s authority when someone mentions your content.

But the question arises how to build backlinks? Don’t worry here I am going to share some of the methods that can help you build backlinks easily.

Letting Owners Know Their Outdated Link: Whenever you write a post it is obvious that you do your research so the articles you read just bookmark them so that you can letter-check it out.

You can then check those posts with a broken link checker to find the dead links and tell the owner of the site about it via email.

Ask them to add your post to their article and with this method you will definitely get a reply and most probably they will add your link to their article.

You can use this tool to check out the outdated links of any site.

Writing Guest Post: It is the best way to build backlinks, you can reach out to sites that allow others to write guest posts on their site. Just ask them if they are interested in what you want to do.

Most probably you will get a chance to write a guest post on other people’s sites that will be linked back to your site which will ultimately increase your site’s authority

Link Roundups: Link RoundUp is the term where people curate others contents and you can reach out to the roundup posts that people curate in your niche and can pitch your article.

Just tell them what your content is about and if they find it helpful they will most probably insert your content in their curated article.

Here are the ways you can find link roundups in your niche: “Keyword” + “This Week”, “Keyword” + “Roundup”, “Keyword” + “Best of”, “Keyword” + “Link Roundup”.

Just type in your keyword and then the following to find the round-up posts in your niche.


To conclude, I have shared with you the ultimate guide to write a SEO optimized article that will rank higher in Google.

Now I want to ask you which of this tequniques you are going to implement first on your content.

Are you going to try link building tequnique or maybe you want to write long form content?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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