What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of making content for getting users engagement according to every platform or for spreading awareness of business or brand.

Somethings Things Need To Know Before Starting SMM:

  • First, you need to know why you are going to start SMM, it can be for many reasons you have to find out that specific goal of yours for starting SMM as for example it can be for getting sales, spreading brand awareness.
  • Now you may know what is your goal for starting SMM it is time to find out your demographics (Age, Gender, Location and etc) audience to target them.
  • After the second process, you need to start producing content for getting engagement, start with your profile fill up information about you and about your business, and give them reasons to trust you.
  • Then start engaging with your demographic audience by using social media and provide them with value so that they will become your loyal fans.
  • At last give them a call to action by giving them some tasks to do, For example, telling them to fill up their information or asking them to buy your product and etc.

Key Terms of Social Media


Content can be anything which you produce in social media, for example, facebook status update, posting photos on social media and etc.


Context is that which you are using the right thing in the right place which you are covering, Gary Vaynerchuk said if the content is king then context is a god.

For example, if you mention a great line joke in 5000 letters blog post the chance became less that very few people will notice it but the same line if you mention on Facebook or Twitter by using relevant hashtags there is a great chance that it will become viral.


Hashtags use for describing the context of meta-information on all social media platform by describing the topic and making it trending.
By this people understand what the content is trying to speak and if they like they read that and share that to others.


In simple language, the term engagement on social media means when people interact with your content that could be anything, for example, like, comment, share

Share is the most important in social media.


Shares are the currency of the world of social media that’s why it is so important when people like and comment on your post that is good but when they share that that is the time for your celebration this is because of there shares many more people will see and engage with your content.

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