Why do a Few People do Great Things

ding this article, then this question might have come to your mind that why do a few people do great things?

If you are reading this article, then this question might have come to your mind that why do a few people do great things?

To answer this question of yours in this article I am going to share with you 4 qualities of great and successful people that helps them to do great and extraordinary things.

Without taking any more time of yours, let’s dive into the topic.

The Qualities are:

  • Mindset
  • Goal in Life
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Do not Fear to Lose


The first and major quality of great people is their mindset when ordinary people think that after completing their school and college they have completed their education.

On the other hand, great people think that there is always room for improvement. To make it clear for you imagine you left your computer with its old software and not taking care of it what will happen?.

Obviously, its performance level is going to become slow, or even worse it can stop working.

Scientist says that our brain is the best computer in the world now think what will happen to it when you stop improving it.

But you may ask yourself, ok I understand our brain is like a computer but what is its Software?

Its software is Knowledge

Great people know this Secret so they keep improving themselves even after completing their formal education by acquiring knowledge from self-education or by developing their skills.

They also know that our Education system is old and it is growing very slow and it is giving us training to became employ not educating us how can we become our own boss.

And that is also a reason they believe more in self education more than formal education as self-education is the only thing that can increase our knowledge of financial literacy.

Goal in Life

Goal in life is the most important thing and if you do not have a goal it is like a man who is driving a car without any destination.

But great and successful people know the importance of a goal in life and they know that we are only going to live ones in this world so they do not want to waste their time and that is the reason they set a goal in their life.

When ordinary people waste there time by scrolling social media great people use or invest their time to achieve their goal.

And it is the common thing which can be find in any successful person they all have a goal in life.

For example, One of the greatest person of our time is Jeff Bezos, The founder of Amazon his goal is to serve the humanity by delivering products to our homes.

As on early days people have to go on super market to buy thing and Jeff Bezos wanted to make that easy and so he made that goal of his life and because of that amazon exist today.

Because of his goal now we can order anything by sitting at home using amazon.

And Everyone in this world knows who Jeff Bezos is.

Problem Solving Ability

Having a goal in life is important but if your goal cannot solve anyone’s problem then your goal is useless.

As for becoming a great person or a legend you have to solve others problem and that is one of the secrets of Great people.

They set goal in their life but first they see if their goal is solving problems of others or not and if you will see in great peoples life some how they faced some problems in their life.

And to solve that problem it became the main motive or goal of their life.

Everyone whom we know as great or successful people is somehow somehow faced prolems in life and it became their goal.

We have a real-life example Bhavish Aggarwal founder of OLA which provide cab service, He was once coming from somewhere at night and was waiting for a taxi and when he stopped the a taxi, the taxi driver wanted double fee for the service.

And on that day it hit on his mind that it is a very big problem and lot of people are facing it from years as we cannot get taxi in time and the taxi drivers also charge a lot.

So he decied to solve this problem and that’s when the idea of Ola came to his mind and he started working on it .

And now we know Ola is a platform where people can easily order a cab using there phone by spending a fair amount of money.

Do not fear to lose

A person without this quality can never became a great person as in the process of achieving our goal we have to be ready to fail.

As every great person in this world we know when they start they failed a lot of times but they understand that they can never achieve success without getting fail

But our formal education system does not teach us that.

Even it is totally opposite you must have to pass for promotion and our parents and teachers tell us that failure is bad.

So somehow We started believing in it because of the influence of our environment.

And because of that thinking when we start something new we want success on the first try and if we fail we gave up.

But Great people know that without failure they can never achieve their goal that is why they never fear to lose.

And they call Faling as First Attept In Learning and if you see the first letter of this sentence you will realize it is FAIL so successful people think by facing failure they are going to learn new things.

Elon Musk is the best example of that he is chairman of Tesla, and founder of SpaceX, and many more, While building SpaceX which is known for building reuseable rockets.

Before SpaceX there was no reusable rockets and It took thousands of dollar to launch a rocket so he got the idea why not we build reusable rockets which will be cost-friendly.

When he shared his idea with Other Space Companys They didn’t help him and thought it is not going to work but Elon Musk was fully determined at that time he already build tesla and was one of the founders of PayPal.

So he invested his own 22 Million dollars on SpaceX and you will be shocked how determined he was with his goal.

He Launched 3 rockets one after another and all of them failed that time he was almost bankrupt and tesla was also getting a lot of loss but He believed in himself tried it One more time and on his fourth attempt he succeeded.

He knew fear is all in our mind and failure is all about learning what mistakes we should not make next time because of that attitude He failed a lot, but never lose hope.

And He is the best example of not losing when we fail.


In this post I shared with you the qualities of great people which ordinary people do not have and if you are reading this line that means you already read this article.

So if you like this post then tell me which one of this quality you are going develop in your life and share this post with your friends and family so that they can also take benefit from it.

Also if you have any thoughts related to this post then feel free to share it in the comment section.

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