Why Advertising Is Important

Organic Reach Is Low

A few years earlier, you can easily build your brand or business by posts but nowadays owners of social media platforms increase more difficulties for getting engagement on posts.

So that organic reach is low nowadays on social media platforms like Facebook and why it is low it should be a question, the reasons is that every social media owners are here to make money everyone in this world work to make money.

If they give you organic reach you are not going to buy their advertisement so it will not be going to profit them that’s why they are not giving you organic reach and telling you to buy ads from them.

Pay To Play

Now you may be thinking what I mean when I say pay to play, it’s mean that if you want to grow your business you have pay for running ads and the more you invest the more the owners of the social media platforms will pay attention to promote your business

Here you may thing, where you should invest the answer is to find on which social media platform your targeted audience is and then invest there.

Facebook Advertisement

Facebook gives you many advantages for advertising on their platform they provide value to people they allow you which type of demographic (Age, Gender, Location and etc) audience you want to target.

This is beneficial for every marketer who wants to run ads on social media because on Facebook they have all control in their own hands to which location and people they want to show their ads they can show.

when you found your targeted demographic audience and you are doing well in your business then facebook help you more by providing you with more customers by watching what kind of audience you are targeting and provide you with the same demographic lookalike audience.

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