Email Marketing as a Beginner – Ishan

Let me tell you that I am documenting my journey so I am publishing blogs of each and every whatever I will learn in my life and today is 17th December 2021 and the first documentation blog of mine where I am going to share with you what you should do on email marketing as a beginner which I have learned yesterday.

So without taking any more time, Let’s get started.

PS: I am not an email marketing expert and just sharing whatever I learned and think is important.

What is in this post:

  • What is Email Marketing
  • Make an Email List
  • Know your audience
  • Make your email easy to Digest
  • Email Analysis

What is Email Marketing?

When you use emails to market your product, service, boost brand awareness, promote your content, or build a good relationship with your audience by doing one-to-one communication with them through your email to help them to reach their goals is known as email marketing.

Benefits of email marketing

Let’s see what are the benefits of email marketing:

  • You have loyal audience who sign up to your email list because they are really interested in your product, service or content.
  • you have full control on it which means no one can remove you or take this audience of yours until if they intentionally unsubscribe to your email list.
  • It helps you to communicate with your audience in a more deeper way compare to other communication.

Make an Email List

For doing emails you need an audience so you need an email list so let’s see we can create an email list of ours.

Create a Email form in your website

Having an email form is very crucial is t is the only thing that can help you collect emails from your audience.

And everybody knows this but you have to make your email form so simple that your user can easily submit it the point here is to lower the barrier.

As if you ask them to fill in a big form like enter your first name, last name, age, profession and etc it increases a high chance that they will not be going to sign up as it is very time-consuming.

So it is preferred that just ask them to enter their first name and email address as it is very easy to submit and less the entry barrier for them and it will do the work for you.

Make it clear why the need to Sign Up.

If you think just by creating an email submit form people are going to come and fill up their email address then you should know it does not work like that.

You have to give them a valid reason for which they are going to give you their email address.

It can be a giveaway, a free course, or your content which is really valuable.

And make sure to whatever you say to them must be real as if you do that then they will stop believing which can hamper your brand reputation.

Know your audience

It is very important to figure out who is your target audience and what they want from you.

As it will clear your vision and if you will not figure it out then you will eventually end up getting messed up.

Make it clear to yourself who is your target audience and what your audience need is important not what you think is important for them so you must genuinely try to solve their problem with your product, service, or content.

Don’t think they are your ATM machine respect them and provide value to them and I also want to say each and every email in your email list is equal to gold so use it wisely.

Make your email easy to digest

Write your mail in a way that even a 10-year boy can easily understand means write it in easy words don’t try to impress your reader as it is not going to impress them but will become harder for them to read.

Try not to make your paragraph longer keep them as short as you can and use the related topics under the main heading as a subheading to look nicer and cleaner which helps the user to easily understand what they are reading.

Avoid using all caps, or exclamation marks, or using words a lot like buy this, click below as it will lead your email to end up getting in the spam folder.

What you can do is to use infographics or emojis which look attractive give your user a good user experience.

You can also use bullet points for one lie paragraphs.

Analyse your emails

This is the most crucial part which you need to do as an email marketer and I wanted to share all the key points of email analysis so I went back to the article which I read a day before and read it once again.

As it will help me to share with you almost all the points an email marketer should consider as a beginner more accurately.

So let’s discover them:

A/B Testing

Now, You have an email list which is consists of different kinds of people and every person who is signed up to it may have different tastes as for example some may like an attractive call to action button, and some like a simple text with a link.

For analyzing what your audience likes the most what you can do is A/B Testing also known as split testing where you need to make two email campaigns one using infographics, shiny CTA and etc, and keep the other one straight and simple.

Test one of them for a while and then try the other one and see which one of them works for you the best and start using it.

Now how will you understand which one of them they like the most is in the next topic.

PS: We have a dedicated brand where we cover topics around digital marketing, business, and entrepreneurship named by SyncWin founded by my elder brother Mohammed Wasim Akram.

And also have an email list of SycnWin where we share weekly newsletter to our audience and we prefer to keep our mails clean and simple we just use emojis and for CTA a simple text is attached with the link.

As it is the way how our audience likes but your audience may like more attractive content with infographics or maybe a shiny CTR button.

So try taking different approaches and see what works for you.

Email Marketing KPIs Set Up

First lets see what KPI is and how it can help you.

The full form of KPI is key performence indicator which helps you to see how your business is performing.

Now lets see the four main component of email marketing campaings you have pay attention.

And they are:

  • Deliverability
  • Open Rate
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Unsubscribes

This are the thing which will helps you to see how your mail is performing.

So lets me briefly describe each of them.


Deliverability helps you to see if your email got received by your subscribers or not, So you can see who are receving your email and how they are responding to it.

Open Rate

You can guess with its name it helps you to see who are opening your emails and who aint see if those subscribers who are not opening your fro a long time then remove from your email list.

And keep those who really engaged with your emails.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

It helps you to see how many people clicked to your CTR which can help you to identify whether your CTR pattern you are using is working or not and you can change it accourdingly.

Quick Tip: Make it clear to your audience what your CTR is about and how it can add really value in their life.

Try using emojis, info graphis, bold lines for CTR and if it doesnt work then as I said keep it very simple.


It can also be a good news or a bad new people who really not interested are getting out of your list and that good.

But you need see if it really the reason or they are just getting out because you are not providing them value or not fullfilling the promise which you made to them when you were collecting there.


This is what I learned all about email marketing yet I hope you would have like it if yes then dont forget to share it with your tech groups and friends.

And I also know this is not enough and I need to add more into it so if you know anything which is missing from the post then consider sharing it in the comment section

I will see if its really worth adding then i will add it to the post

Thanks For Reading 🙂

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