Set Up A Proper Digital Marketing Plan

What is Digital Marketing?

First, let you know about digital marketing and its categories so that there will be no confusion.

Digital Marketing is the method to promote your business, product and service online using platforms like social media, search engines and etc.

I am not going to mention its categories in detail as it is completely a different topic and I want to stuck with the topic so I am just going to name its categories and then move on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A. Onsite
B. Offsite
• Quality Link Building
Email Marketing
A. Email Outreach Programs
Conversion Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Web Analytics
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Conversion Rate Optimization
Online Advertising
A. Pay Per Click Advertising
B. Re-targeting Efforts
Web Strategy
Inbound Marketing Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing Campaigns
Content Generation and Optimization
Marketing Collateral Design
Local Internet Marketing

We spend a lot of time in this now let’s start the topic.

For doing digital marketing you need a plan and not every type or category can help as some are for the advance digital marketing experts.

But I am going share with you the types or category through which you can leverage your business as a beginner.

– Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Nowadays Everyone uses social media and you have to take leverage from it,
how can you do that?

Here you need nothing you just have to optimize your social media accounts in a proper way so that people will notice that you are out there but you have to maintain consistency across the social media.

Example: By using a good profile picture, username and required business information.

– Social Media Management (SMM)

Here you need to be effective because this is an important topic here you have to maintain your social media profiles and by publishing the different types of content across the social media.

But keep it in your mind that not every content work everywhere, as for example, Instagram is only for images you cannot post a youtube video over there.

So post content by analysing the what type of content work in which social media.

– Content Generation and Optimization

In this process, you have to publish various kinds of content across social media platform like Image content for Instagram and Twitts for Twitter.

But before doing this research about the topic and have to analyse it properly then you can go on.

– Affiliate Marketing

When you started following the first three topics then you can go on with this
as it is a very good and easy method to make money,

As it is a passive income source here you just have to sign up with an affiliate program and boom you are ready to go.

Then you have to insert the link to your post by giving a review about the affiliated product and if someone will buy from that link you will get a commission from the affiliated company.

As you saw YouTubers doing this many times as they review a product and then say if you want to buy or download this then the link is in the description they do affiliate marketing at that time.

– Short-Term Strategies

As you understand from its name these strategies are going to give you result in short-term and quickly.

It really sounds good but it is going to benefit you only when you will actively doing this for a short period of time.


— Email Marketing
–Conversion Marketing
–Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
–Online Advertising
–Social Media Marketing Campaigns

– Long-term Stratergies

It is totally different from the short term strategies as this is going to help your business to grow in a long run but it is not going to show you results immediately.

I think it is better than short term strategies if you want to grow your business in the long run, so if you have patience then use this method as this will show you even when you are not active in your work.

As it is a passive income source examples of long term strategies,

— Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
— Affiliate Marketing
— Web Analytics
— Social Media Optimization (SMO)
— Conversion Rate Optimization
— Web Strategy
— Inbound Marketing
— Social Media Management
— Content Generation and Optimization
— Marketing Collateral Design
— Local Internet Marketing

– Digital Marketing B2B

Now you may think what is B2B marketing also known as Business To Business Marketing, basically, this type of business attracts other business using internet marketing and help them to grow their business by providing them with their products and services.

In this type model, your targeted audiences are the business owner and you have nothing to do with the mass audience.

– Digital Marketing B2C

B2C or Business To Customer it is totally different from the B2B model in this
model your general audience is the mass audience, not other businesses.

Here you provide your service and products to the mass audience which they are going to buy for their personal use, not for business purposes.

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