Mistakes You Should Avoid in Your 20s

Hey Guys, This is my 4th documentation blog where I am going to share with you the mistakes you should avoid in your 20S which I have learned from books, content, and people in my life.


  • Taking advice from people who have no knowledge of the field you are talking to them.
  • Thinking friends understand you better than your family members.
  • You are too young to invest.
  • Reading Books are useless.
  • Fear of Criticism.
  • Not have enough resources to produce content.

Without anymore talking, Let’s get started.

Taking advice from people who have no knowledge of the field you are talking to them

In our 20s It is a common mistake we do, we think that the elder people have great wisdom so we should take advice from them which have no problem in it I absolutely agree that they have knowledge of some fields.

But the problem arises when we take advice from them about which they have no knowledge.

For making it simple let me give you an example suppose you want to be a YouTuber and you go to your parents and ask them for their advice that you want to create a youtube video in your free time and want to make your career in it.

what do you think what kind of advice they will give to you definitely they will say becoming a YouTuber cant help you to make money complete your studies so that you can get a real job.

that’s how there are going to react if they are too old to understand that youtube can also be a career because they do have not enough knowledge about it to give you perfect advice.

What I want to say is simple take advice from those who have achieved something in the field which you want advice for.

Because they are the only ones who can give the right advice because they are in that field for a long time and they have a good experience of that.

Thinking friends understand you better than your family members

In our 20s a phase comes where we think our friends understand us better than our family members but what we don’t understand is this all because of bodily changes which are happening to us.

At this time we share our thoughts or experiences with our friends as we think we cant share them with our family members which is obviously right I have no issue with it.

But you need to understand is that no matter how close your friends are they don’t give a damn about you because they are also in the same phase where you are.

They also need a friend to whom they can share their thoughts and experiences.

And if you will be not with them they will find out a better friend than you but your family members are the ones who will always understand you always stand for you no matter what happens.

All I wanted to say is your family are the only ones who will be there for you forever so value them as in the 20s we are full of rage and anger and we argue with our parents about small things.

And on the other hand, we spend a lot of time with our friends but know that your family is more important than your friends so when you feel angry and in the mood for an argument remember they are the only ones who will stand for you forever.

You are too Young too Invest

This is a common myth which we think in our 20s is I am too young to invest or I have a lot of time so I will start investing later.

But you should know that your early 20s is the age where you are fully independent when you are trying to make your career no tension of marriage nothing you earn for yourself and give some amount to parents for your family’s livelihood.

So you should invest in this time because at this time you can invest more compared to your 30s and it will help you to see the magic of compounding effect.

Reading Books are useless

When we pass out from school or college we think now I don’t need to read books as my school or college is completed and I got my degree for which used to study.

But that’s not really true our education doesn’t end in our school or college but we can’t blame fully ourselves it is our society who made our mental attitude like this.

And our school and colleagues’ teachers intentionally or unintentionally made us think that studying is all about giving exams and getting a degree.

That is our perception about reading books that it is only used for getting degrees but the reality is totally different.

If you will see the greatest people in the world they learn and read a lot of books but the difference is they read books to improve in life financially, socially, spiritually and for a lot more not for a so-called degree.

And if we want to become like them then we have to read books like them.

Fear of Criticism

Many people who want to do or achieve something especially in their 20s for example a person who wants to become a social media influencer, fears that people are going to judge him/her or what if he/she hesitates while taking and others will make fun of him/her.

But I am telling you one line, Nobody gives a SHIT about you as they are also busy in their own life.

And I want to share with you my personal experience that whatever you think is totally opposite yeah I know few people are going to criticize you but most of them will be very kind and loving.

As I myself have a youtube channel and Instagram profile where I motivate others and except a few people most of them are very supportive.

So don’t fear and do what you want to do.

Not have enough resources to produce content

This is a great excuse that we give ourselves that we don’t have enough resources to create content.

You and I both know that content creation is not going to give us sudden popularity or we are even in doubt that is it even going to be worth it that is why we give a lot of excuses to ourselves.

I want to say to you that great things take time and karma really gives you back what you are working for.

If Edison would have given up in his 100 attempts we may not have using lights today.

If you really want to do something you don’t need special equipment for it as I myself use my phone and Bluetooth to make my youtube and Instagram videos.

Start with what you have and by the time you see improvement in yourself.


That’s all that I have learned about think the most common mistakes people do in their 20s so if you liked it then let me know in the comment section which of these mistakes you have done and going to avoid.

And also tell me the mistakes which you think are important which I should include in the post.

Share it with your friends and siblings who are also in their 20s so they can also avoid these mistakes.

Last, Thanks for reading 🙂

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