9 Steps to Take Care of Rabbits

1 .Give a healthy diet to your rabbits.

If you brought rabbits in your house then you have to give them a perfect diet.

At first, when your rabbits are small and 2 months old give them grass hay 24 hr which is 80% make up of their diet and it should also give to adult rabbits some others kind of hay you should give to your adult rabbits are alfalfa hay and meadow hay.

Vegetables should be limited to your rabbits for a small rabbit you can give a piece of vegetable as a treat and increase it day by day or give some new vegetables to them as they get mature give them at least half of their pounds 2 or 3 times a day.

Pellets are kind of food which contained vitamins or proteins it is a choice able food if you want to give them so give at least 2 table spoons.

Vegetables like carrots, Raddish, and fruits like bananas, apples etc are high in sugar so don’t give them this types of food in much quantity give them a piece of this kind of food a day or leaving one or two days.

2. Grooming your rabbits.

Grooming is the thing which rabbits like to do themselves or they like to groom their partners as well.

But if your rabbits are big and they have big furs they groomed themselves and some fur go inside their stomach and they became sick.

So it’s good for your rabbit you groomed them at least a week with a soft brush and dont use hard brush or coms it will hurt them.

3. Medical care

It is very important to your rabbits seriously otherwise they are very weak animals that’s why if you don’t care them they become sick and many rabbits are felt sick due to stomach pain which is responsible for their diet they are not getting their perfect diet so they have stomach pain.

They are some other diseases of rabbits and i will tell you the treatment of them

1) Ear- mite

This is a disease caused by tiny little mites which are settled inside the ear of your rabbits so the of rabbits ear will look really crusty, brown, and itchy.

This tiny mites also found on hay which are one of the important diet of rabbits in daily routine so there is a big chance your rabbit can suffer this may be in future

The solution of this disease is you have to take a dropper and fill it up with any kind of oil i suggest you to use vegetable oil because it is inexpensive and give few drops in the infected ear of rabbit 2 times in daily bases for 7 days.

2) Red urine

This is occured due to wrong diet the rabbits are eating too much of something like carrot instance. In this time the rabbit will urinating in reddish, brownish and may be in pinkish in colour. This is not a serious condition just manage your rabbit’s diet if they suffering from this.

But when you are not changed the diet then take it serious and take the rabbit to the doctor for check up and treatment.

It is compulsere to take your rabbit for check up at least in 1 year or 6 month

4. Feeding water

It is one of the very important thing you have to give your rabbits a proper amount of fresh water in their diet.

So give your rabbits a proper amount of water which they need in daily bases otherwise if they don’t get enough amount of water they need to drink they can suffer from urinary problems and other harmful diseases Normally a rabbit can drink 50 to 100 ml of water,

I see most of the people feeding water to their rabbits with bottle sipper and teach them to suck the water from a tube but from that sipper, rabbits cannot get the enough water they need.

The best to give them water is to give them water by bowls and dishes with an enough weight that rabbits can’t move them they can drink quicker in bowls then sucking from a bottle sipper.

so don’t waste your money in this type of disgusting thing and give them water in bowls.

5. Playtime for your rabbits.

Regular exercise is one of the important thing for your rabbits in daily bases. There body structure is designed in such a way that they can run very fast and escape the predators by dodge and twist that’s why you can see your own rabbits binkying in air and running.

So give them some free space to play few hours but they need maximum 4 hours for exercise. The time when rabbits are active is morning and evening so leave them in a big space 2 hours in morning 2 hours in the evening this helps young rabbits to develop bone structure and adult to maintain health issues.

Rabbits like to play games you can make an obstacle course for them with newspaper, cardboard etc because they like to discover new places most of the rabbits also play with footballs and basketball rolling them and chase them when you throw it.

6. Give your rabbits some toys.

It also important to give your rabbits some toys to play because they like to play with them which escape them from bored and disease. It also helps you if they have toys they will busy to play with that and not chew your furniture, table etc.

The toys are the things which make your rabbits happy otherwise they can go to depression. I see most of the people buying toys from markets with a high cost for their rabbits which is made plastic and other harmful materials.

So I suggest you don’t waste your money in this kind of things give them toys made with cardboards which you can make with yourself or cardboard rolls etc.

7. Keep your rabbits in big cages

Every one keeps their rabbits cage in some people in big one and some people in small cages but the best cage i prefare to you that keep your rabbit in maximum size cage in which they can stand up in its hind legs , strecth his body and move in cage freely.

Don’t keep your rabbits all the time in cages is not a good idea so it is necessary for you to keep them in big cage which you can settle in your room corner one of the best reason you to keep in big cage because rabbits like to do toilet in corners so you can can settle a litter pot in corner of the cage in which they go and do their job.

So this is the way you stay them from diseases and you have to clean your rabbit’s cages in at least one or two weeks so it easier to clean the litter pot which they use regularly.

When rabbits scared the wants to hide in some place in small cages they can hide and became more scared you so also settel a minimum size of cardbord box with door inside the cage that thing you can do only in a big cage

8. Cutting rabbits nails

Cutting the nails of the rabbit is necessary because the nails became sharp and it can hurt you. In the jungle, they don’t need any type of clipping because the use them in many tasks by foraging, digging and others work they do in daily basis.

So it is your duty to makesure that your rabbits nails not grow much and became sharp. you can also harm your rabbits nails while cutting them because they have blood vessels in their nails you can see the blood when you press the nails.

So you have to cut only the white portion if you dont know how to cut you can also take help of someone who can grab your rabbits. If they have dark you can on the flash light and see the biood vessel of their nails.

It is possible that you can cut your rabbits blood vessel while cutting their nails when that’s happened to your rabbits don’t get panic simple brought the styptic powder which you can find in medical stores and grab a pinch of powder in the source from where it is bleeding.

9. Never give your rabbit bath.

Yes this is right you shuld never give bath to your rabits the clean themseleves like cat and dog you can wash only the butt of rabbit when the cant keep them but dont them a full body bath which can stressful for them and get stessed.

So when they get stressed there is a high possibility that your rabbits can suffer from diseases one of the most harmful diseases is GI stasis and you can find the reason why your rabbits get sick by the time you get the reason it will be too late.

So if you want to avoiud this and other kind of the diases dont give your rabbits bath to your rabbits bath and push your pets in stress and this strees is the source of all the diseases.

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