Instagram Strategies

1) Your Goal On Instagram

First thing you need to identify is your reason for why are you on Instagram, what is your motive, Are you here for spreading awareness of your brand or for getting sales and etc.

2) Analyse Who Are You Audience

The second and most important thing is to determine who is your demographics(Age, Gender, Location and etc) audience?

Then you have target them by using ads or by other ways.

3) Analyse Your Competitors

Now you know who is your target audience is and working on them, the next thing you should do is to analyse your competitors.

By seeing them what they are posting in which kind of post they are getting more engagement and which are the hashtags people are engaging more with their content.

4) Setup Editorial Calendar

What you are going to post on Instagram decide that on advance this will help you to make your way clear.

And you are not going to confuse on future what are the things you should post or not.

5)Grow your Instagram Follower Base

I saw many people who try purchase followers first, you should know that purchasing followers are not the right.

Because the person who is selling you, followers, he is just trying to grab a fool to make some money so don’t come on their trap.

And I also saw some people following others to get some follow backs this is also not going to help you if you wanna grow your brand.

So how you can make followers authentically?

Don’t take tension I am going to share with you some tips.

1. Your Username should be recognizable and searchable and you should fill up your bio by telling people who you are what is your motive to be on Instagram.

This will help you to win the trust of people as you are first cleared their confusion who you are and what you doing on Instagram.

2. Start posting because if someone comes to your profile they are not going to stay there if they find your profile empty.

3. Start following accounts related to your business as this will help you to identify what are the things your competitors are doing which are leading them to get more engagement on their profiles.

4. Interact with account related to your business through their content like through comments every time you interact with their content they will get notified and the chance became more that they will start to follow you.

5. When the businesses start to follow you try to collaborate with them like telling them to share your content and etc

6. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms this will make all the other social media followers that you have an account on Instagram.

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