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In this blog post, I have written some of the lessons which I have learned from the book Crush it by Garyvee who is one of the great social media expert and influencer in this world.

So Without Talking anymore, Let’s start it.

This is written by Garyvee, He is telling in this book how to become an influencer or build a personal brand using social media.


For becoming an influencer use social media and build your own personal brand do not depend on another platform because they can disappear tomorrow and you can’t do anything

Your all followers will be gone if you will not transfer your followers to your website so build your personal brand by using social media also does not stick on one social media platform try others also.

Anyone can build a personal brand as now our era is flooded with opportunities because of the Internet and Social Media.

It does not matter how many followers you have on your Instagram its matters how you influence people with your content.

Build a Strong Personal Brand and influence people with your content then you will see people are approaching you for doing a seminar or event and will be asked for influencing people or performing a seminar.

The World is changing everything is coming into this small phone, every people are spending their time consuming content on social media.

So you have a great opportunity to connect with people directly.

You will face many problems in your journey but do not lose hope just continue doing what you are doing.


If you know how to build your business or become an influencer but why

Why you wanna become an influencer

1 Do you want to leave a legacy
2 Do you wanna help people
3 Do you wanna settle in your life

This is very important many new entrepreneurs fail because of this actually they are not entrepreneurs they are wantrepreneurs because they just think about themself, how they can get this or that.

You have to provide value to them and everyone is selfish but you have to maintain an average of about 51 to 49, 51 about caring for your consumers, and 49 about yourself.

It all depends on how you care to provide value to others otherwise if you wanna build a business because only care about your profit, it is not going to be a long-term business.


If you will be authentic and will be real to your audience then they will audience will ignore your mistake as they know you are authentic, so always be truthful to your audience otherwise if you will fake yourself on front of them they will come once but will not come again.


whatever work you love in your life the most is your passion

1) Embrace your DNA

Do what you are made for.

2) Be real

Be authentic in your field like nobody else

3) Go deep, Not wide

Do not try to do everything just do deeply what you wanna do

4) Everyone needs to become a brand

Every person in your company is your brand member so whatever they will do will impact on your brand.

So treat them as you want them to treat your customers or audience.

5) You got to be you

Do whatever you like because if you will do that thing which you love to do then you will never fill the bore.


Gary says if you want to build your brand you have to be patient.

When everyone will waste their money on useless stuff you should keep your money and should invest that to build a brand or by investing that on yourself just eat shit on those days when people were wasting their money just save your money.


If you want to a successful person then you have to patience as in longterm it is going to lead you to a huge success but if you wanna build your brand quickly it is not going to happen it will just give you short term success.

You have to implement things which are possible to build your brand you may face many failures but you have to learn from your mistake and keep working on your goal.


If you wanna build your brand or anything you wanna do you have to just focus on your work at least 4 or 5 hours without getting distracted by outer noise like watching videos in youtube and by not wasting your time but you should give time only to your family otherwise only focus on your work.


You have to see where people eyeballs are going to what new platforms your targeted audience is going to use or already using this is also an influencer skill.

Do not just get stuck with one platform also see the new one they may also become a famous platform.


The two things which lead you became what you want to be became by focusing on two things.

1) Product
2) Content

I know you should hive well product to people but the content is that which is going to make you.

Put out content every time while lunching, walking and by providing value to others constantly so that people can interact with you.

Put content on multiple social media platform as I said the earlier but do not post the same thing across the social media then it’s not gonna work.


Document your whole journey on social media and on the website, every day will eating, walking as this will make you feel happy when you achieve your goal.

And you will see it and then you can preach to others how you do that and but you have to show them as you are otherwise nothing will happen.

Go and put what you are doing on your daily life and document your every single moment.


When Garyvee analyse what is stopping people to achieve what they want he realizes its the fear.

As he said that people fear because of they think people are going to judge and mock on them, this is the main reason but know they are not doing the thing what you are doing you are different from them.

If they judge you or mock on you ignore them as great millionaires did.

They are three types of fear stop people which stop people to execute.


Most people do not take action for the thing they wanna achieve is because of fear of failure.

And this one another important point why people do not take action to become successful is that they think that they may focus on their job otherwise they are going to waste there time.


It is the most important point among the all there people do not execute because they think what people will think about them or what if they look insane to others if they will execute.

Set Your Mind To Success

Everyone in this world wanna get the success you have to come out of the competition and have to the think the things which very few people are doing so that you can get success.

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