Miracle Morning Summary By Hal Elrod

Do you want to become successful or achieve your goal? then I am here to share with you the 6 Golden steps of Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod to achieve it.

This book Miracle Morning by Hal will help you to become a successful person by only implementing Six Morning Habits.

Before starting this summary let’s know how Hal found these habits of successful people so let’s dive into it.

From 2007 to 2008 due to the economic crash, Hal’s business was in huge loss Hal says it was the worse phase of his life and he was becoming poor every day,

then his wife suggested him to meet with his friend who is also a successful person and even in that crisis, he was getting profit from his business.

So Hal decided to meet him and he shared his all problems with that friend and asked him to give him some tips to improve his business,

but the friend told him in this situation you don’t need business tips you just need to do to things.

1) Wake Up early every day and do exercise and
2) After doing exercise read a self-improvement book.

He didn’t like his friend advise but eventually, he also didn’t have any option.

And Eben Pagan one of his mentors also believed that having morning rituals by doing it daily to transform it into habits is one of the impactful things to become a successful person.

So he told himself let’s try but not only exercising and reading let’s find the best morning habit’s of successful people and will implement that by combining them.

After researching he got Six habits which are applied by almost every successful people.

This is how Hal Elrod got Six Best habits of successful people.

Before implementing these habits Hal was in debt of about 50 thousand dollars he was about to lose his house and he was because of all these problems.

But in two months after implementing these habits, he doubled his income and saved his house and became a happy person.

It happened so fast he couldn’t believe that’s why he named his book Miracle Morning.

Now let’s discuss the six habits which changed Hal’s life.

To remember these six habits Author Hal Elrod formed an acronym, SAVERS.


Silence - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

Many people after waking up instantly check their messages or social media

But every successful person after walking up used to go in silence like doing meditation or by praying, it calm and relax their mind and this helps their brain to perform at its peak performance.

At first, author Hal thought there is no connection between success and meditation but after researching he realizes that he was wrong even one of the key to success is meditation.


Affirmation - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

Affirmation is very powerful which is used by many successful people it’s nothing but just a positive statement that you repeat in your mind until it started coming from your subconscious mind and you started feeling it’s real.

For example: If you repeat in your mind that you are a successful person then your brain will start to think yes you are a successful person and it will help you to achieve that.


Visualization - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

It is very similar to affirmation in that used to repeat a statement until it reaches your subconscious mind.

But in visualization, you use your imagination and create images of the thing that you desire to get in reality.

Example: Imagine that you wake up in the early morning and you want to exercise but because of your laziness you are not doing it,

in that situation, you can use your imagination power and can imagine that you are going to for exercise and you are feeling very happy,

and you are feeling the fresh air around you this will help you to overcome your laziness.


Fitness - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

Doing exercise is very helpful for health scientifically and when we do exercise we take more oxygen our brain realizes endorphin and dopamine which helps us to feel better and more clarity comes to us.

The author is not even telling us to go to the gym by doing exercise for a few minutes in the morning can help us by making our clarity, thoughts, energy ten times better.


Reading - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

By reading author does not mean to read newspaper or magazine he means to read self-help book which will help you to improve you and your knowledge.


Scribing - Featured Image - MisterIshaan

Scribing means writing your goals which you want to achieve as it triggered your mind to take action to make your goal a reality.

Richard Brinson who is a billionaire said that one of the important things which helped me to became a billionaire is by writing my goal and ideas of mine.

So always start writing your goals and the action you need to take to achieve that goal


In this blog post I covered six-morning habits from the book Miracle Morning to become successful with wealth and health, so if you like this blog post then share it with your friends and family.

I hope you loved it, Thank you.

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