Summary of Think & Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

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All that matters in your life is a burning desire for your goal to become financially free or whatever you want to do in your life.
1) How much you want
2) What you will pay for it
3) Date
4) Plan
5) See this twice a day

The story of Edward Bond, Edison, Napolean hill’s son, Helen killer, made an example for us that whatever we want to do can be accomplished but the only thing which is not letting us things do to which can make us like them is our boundaries which we made in our mind.

We Just need to understand that Nothing is impossible and that Life is like a car, it will lead us where we drive it and the stairwheel of this car is our Mindset which we can change easily by implementing some rules of successful Peop

2) Faith

If you want something in your life then you must have faith in it, as it is one of the important factors to achieve your goal you should always keep repeating in your mind the thing you want to achieve and how to achieve it as it will open the door of thinking to and will start to give you the ideas to achieve it.

And you will achieve that because your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination.

3) Autosuggestion

If you want to achieve your goal you have to repeat that on your mind over until your mind tell you automatically what to do next.

How you can do that?

Your subconscious takes the information faster if you mix that with emotions.

  • Use your five senses for imagination
  • Imagine the thing you want to achieve daily
  • Imagine that your money is ready for but you just have to reach there
  • Imagine that you can touch that thing or feel that
  • Until it became your belief

4) Specialist Knowledge

Specialist knowledge is that which accumulates money for you.

Many people think that general knowledge is specialist knowledge and a person who has no general knowledge is illiterate but it is not the truth.

Specialist knowledge is the Knowledge by using which you can generate ideas in your mind to make money.

It is not necessary, that you must know all the things of your goal to achieve instead of that you can use the shills of others to achieve your goal.

An intelligent or one who has specialist knowledge is the one who uses other people who are best in their field to accomplish his goal for example Edison who used Tesla’s knowledge to achieve his goal.

You can get this knowledge by watching those or consulting those whom you want to be.


The people you heard of in this world who did great things are the ones who used the power of imagination or visualization to achieve their goals.

Imagination can be categories of to types:

  • Synthetic imagination
  • Creative imagination

Synthetic imagination

Its the combination of plans ideas and experience it is mostly used by inventors

Creative imagination

when you want to achieve something and that becomes your burning desire when you think that regularly day and night to achieve it and you imagine that you are in that position without getting discouraged by what others say about you then you can achieve that easily this is the secret of geniuses.

6) Organize Planning

A true leader is a person who creates an organized plan for the accumulation of the desired goal.

It is true that money cannot talk and move but if you desire to get it then know that it hears the money to it hears.

A leader always surrounds himself with masters of his field of intelligence.

And he always consults with his group about his ideas whether it is right or wrong..

A Quitter cannot be a Winner or a Winner cannot be a Quitter.

A Person cannot be a leader if he thinks that if he will teach his tactics to his follower then they are going to become like him

An intelligent follower is the one who always analyzes and learns the tactics of a leader and applies them to accomplish his own goal.

2) The world is connecting through media merchants and buyers are connecting through this media.

There is a huge opportunity out there. If you desire a position you want to be remembered in this world this is the right time to do so your first impression is your last impression but know that you could make mistakes and that is normal.

Say everything you desire in a brief which will help you to get your goal

7) Decision

A person who wants to accumulate money must have make a plan or decision to achieve it.

And he/she should know that the decision they make sometimes may go wrong but he/she must notice it and change it as it may create a loophole in there to become successful.

So use the knowledge of great and expert people who have achieved what you desire to get not the ones who don’t know anything about it as it will help you make your decision properly and will lead you one step closer to success.

8) Persistence

It is the only way you can achieve what you want by focusing on your desire with organized planning without caring about other people’s criticism.

You will face many failures in your way to success but you need to be persistent and patient and have to use that failure as a lesson and then nobody can stop you to achieve your goal.

10) The Power of Sex Transmutation

The Emotion of sex is one of the best and high potential power which can help you to achieve the goal of yours, you just have to transmute it.

It is alone very dangerous for accumulating the goal of yours or to make it to the monetary equivalent you need to mix it with the emotion of love and romance.

History is a witness that perfect women in life can help a man to accomplish a thing which he desires.

11) The Power of the Subconscious mind

Our mind has two parts

  • The conscious mind
  • And the subconscious mind.

The thing which we do consciously or willingly and have to put effort to do it is the things which are done by our conscious mind

And the thing for which we don’t need to put effort and it happens unconsciously with the help of the subconscious mind.

You cannot even imagine how you can use your subconscious mind to make your desire into its monetary equivalent you just have to send your goal to the subconscious mind from your conscious mind to the subconscious mind.

You can send your goal which you want to become by mixing it with the 7 positive emotions and by saving your goal by mix it with the 7 negative emotions Which are mentioned below:

Positive Emotions:
1. Desire
2. Faith
3. Love
4. Sex
5. Enthusiasm
6. Romance
7. Hope

Negative Emotion:
1. Jealousy
2. Anger
3. Greed
4. Fear
5. Hatred
6. Revenge
7. Superstition

By using positive emotions you can lead your goal to your subconscious mind and when it will reach your subconscious mind you will start getting auto-suggestion and when it will happen then the magic starts to begin after that no one can stop you to became what you want to become.

11) The Brain

In this chapter, the author explains the power of the brain as we know when we lead our thoughts our subconscious mind it helps to make it to its monetary equivalent.

The author tells that Creative Imagination is the receiving center of the brain which receives thoughts and ideas of other brains and the sub-conscious mind is the sending station,Which sends one’s thoughts to others and when the thought and idea were mixed up with the emotions there is a high chance of receiving that piece of thought or idea by our Creative imagination.

The power of sex is the most powerful emotion of humans when this emotion is included with the thought or idea then it will not only be received but it will most probably convert it into its monetary equivalent.

We know our five sense but there is a sixth sense which can help us to achieve whatever we want and that’s inside our brain.

There are billions of cells inside our brain more than the stars of our galaxy which are called neurons and they are situated in our brain in different patterns because of the work we do.

you need to make new patterns by visualizing or remambering your goal regularly so that it can reach to your subconscious mind and will help you to make it to its monetary Equivalent.


I tried to explain the amazing book think and grow rich by the famous author Napolean Hill, I hope it may have added some value to your life and if it added value to you than share it with your friends and family so they can also take benefit from from this.

Thanks for spending your precious time by reading it 😉

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