How to Deal With a Tough Situation?

Hey Friends are you fade up something which is bothering you and you are thinking why its only happening to you then dont worry I am here to help you out.

There are some situation in your life which you thing they should not be the part of your life but its a bitter truth it cant be but you can face it and go through it.

We human beings are very complex creature we adapt anything very quickly for example if you parents taught you something then you will think that it is the truth.

Or if you watching a youtube channel from years then you will start believing in his videos whether it is right or wrong.

So that means everything we know today is somehow connected with our memory.

Now how can we get out from this situation it is not hard as your brain runs in auto pirate mode in this kind of situation you need to deal with it.

For example if you are a student and you are thing why dont I get the grades i want remember your question is your solution Now think why do you want that grades.

You may have many reasons for example you want to tell your friends that you are amazing or your parents are making you think that you are not enough and you have get that grade if you want to spend a good life.

But think of it is not so important as it’s just thinking and nothing more than that, it’s just an example you may have been suffering from other situation.

You have to think yourself if it is important to give it attention or priority if it is not then even if its thoughts are coming don’t give a damn to it.

As you have more important things to do in your life and you are not going to live in this world forever so think about things which are important enough.

And don’t give a damn to silly things keep doing the thing which can lead you to success.

If you are not able to get out of your situation then start learning new thing start reading or lisening to self help books which will increase your knowleage.

You cant make your mind clear of bad or negative thoughts but you can put inside value able information so that it can start bring positive and valuable thoughts.

Ultimately, this will help you to grow and get out of your bloody situation.

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